Current Infrastructure Projects

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Caution Work Underway

There are a number of works happening around the council district at any time. Please take note of all posted signs, reduction in speed limits, and the direction of workers at the site. This will ensure your safety when near a work site and the safety of the workers.

Current Projects

Click on the links below for a full description of each project currently underway.

Information on completed projects is available here:

Exercise Stations

Gawler Street Precinct Upgrade and Renewal

Littlehampton Sewer Upgrade

Manhole Restoration Program 2017/18

Nairne Main Street Footpath and Landscaping Upgrade Stage 1

Nixon Road Foot Bridge Repair

Storm Water Intrusion Testing

Township Road Sealing Program 2017/18

Venables Street Macclesfield Upgrade

Wellington Road and Victoria Road Roundabout

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
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