Council Plans and Financial Documents

Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2027

Council endorsed its Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2027 at the Council meeting on 7 August 2017.

Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2027(3016 kb)


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Annual Report


Our Vision is for the Mount Barker District to be a community that values its people, rich history and cultural identity and where environmental sustainability is paramount.  Our Community will cherish and protect its picturesque and peaceful setting.  The economy will thrive with a regional centre at its core and with townships and rural communities that are innovative, vibrant and well connected.

Annual Report 2016/17(9578 kb) 

Annual Report 2015/16(6420 kb)

Annual Report 2014/15(8454 kb)

Annual Report 2013/14(8160 kb)

Annual Report 2012/13(6059 kb)

Annual Report 2011/12(8435 kb)

Annual Report 2010/11(6111 kb)

Annual Report 2009/10(4717 kb)

Annual Report 2008/09(4967 kb)

Annual Report 2007/08(7617 kb)

Annual Report 2006/07(7469 kb)

Annual Report 2005/06(1759 kb)

Annual Report 2004/05(1076 kb)

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Financial Statements

Financial Statements 2016-2017

Financial Statements 2016-2017(3564 kb)

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Strategic Plan

Endorsed Strategic Plan

In December 2015 Council endorsed a new Strategic Plan to guide its planning and management:

Mount Barker 2035 District Strategic Plan(6252 kb)

Mount Barker 2035 District Strategic Plan was developed taking into account the current state of the Mount Barker district, current and anticipated growth over the next 20 years, existing knowledge and planning documents, input from elected members, staff and the community and global and regional influences. Community consultation undertaken in 2015 also informed the development of Mount Barker 2035. The results of this consultation can be seen by clicking on Community Engagement and the Summary of Community Engagement reports:

Strategic Plan Community Engagement Report(1893 kb)

Strategic Plan Community Engagement - Summary of Feedback(9022 kb)

 This Strategic Plan complies with Section 122 of the Local Government Act by:

  • Providing a vision for our District that reflects community issues and needs;
  • Guiding Council and its community in ensuring a healthy society, economy and environment; and
  • Ensuring that Council’s vision and strategies can be aligned with operational activities and work programs.

Mount Barker 2035 – District Strategic Plan contains 5 goal areas. Under each Goal area there are a number of Objectives and Strategies that reflect the diversity of community issues Council must consider when planning and budgeting for projects, programs and services. The objectives and strategies are at a high level as Council looks 20 years into the future. Projects, programs and services will be aligned to these strategies over 4 year planning cycles via a Corporate Implementation Plan.


Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017

Strategic Plan 2012-2017(4429 kb)

State of the District Report - December 2013(1087 kb)

Strategic Directions Report 2012(4849 kb)

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