Managing Little Corellas

Managing Little Corellas

Mount Barker District Council is hoping a non-lethal control program will scare away Little Corellas from local parks and reserves.

Little Corellas are an Australian native species whose behaviour can be problematic for local communities. They can cause significant damage to vegetation, as well as infrastructure, and their collective noise is disturbing and in some cases distressing to local residents.

As flocks of Little Corellas frequenting our district has increased significantly in recent years, Council has engaged a contractor to “move” the flocks around through the use of bird fright shells, a method employed with some success at other sites.

Property owners experiencing detrimental impacts caused by Little Corellas can use a variety of non-lethal methods to try to deter the birds. These include the use of loud, sharp noises where appropriate or rotating flashing lights and high powered torches between sunset and sunrise.

More information regarding Little Corellas can be found at

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